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Bull Shoals Caverns

1011 C. S. Woods Boulevard

P. O. Box 444

Bull Shoals, Arkansas 72619

Phone: (870) 445-7177



Two Attractions, One Location


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Bull Shoals Caverns!

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The Caverns were created approximately 350 million years ago, during the Ordovician period. The cave was carved out by waterpower, and there is still an underground river in the cave today. This cave, like most of those in the Ozarks, is a limestone cave. There are also sandstone caves and lava caves in other regions of the earth.

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With beautiful cliffs above meandering rivers such as the White and Buffalo, deep blue skies contrasted with masses of green timber, and wildlife moving constantly in the background, the Ozark Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth. Standing atop an Ozark hill, you feel like you're on solid ground. Yet, in many of the most beautiful spots, you're probably standing right on the top of a ceiling -- the ceiling of a cave room carved eons ago.

Bull Shoals Caverns, located in Bull Shoals Arkansas

A regional writer from the first half of the 20th century, newspaper editor Tom Shiras, suggests that to see some of the most wondrous Ozark sites, you have to "turn the mountain inside out or penetrate to the inside."


"Forests of gigantic stalactites and stalagmites of every color in a rainbow; draperies so cannily made by the hand of nature that one expects to see them move in the breeze, bits of beautiful lace done in onyx with the edges frilled. Pyramids, faces in stone, half-completed bodies, grotesque images that resemble idols, totem poles, stalactite harps that one might play with drumsticks, delicate grillwork, old castles, and most parts of the human body from toenails to brains."


   Join us now for a trip back in time to the Ordovician period, 350 million years ago, when the caverns got their start. Come visit in person and see the real thing!